“The best jazz swing big band in Perth”
“You guys hit it out of the park last night”

The Hills Big Band Musicians

  • Jes Grey

    Tenor Saxophone

    Jeremy Grey (Jes) Tenor Saxophone has a lifetime of experience playing music of various genres. He started playing in bands in 1960 originally on guitar and then saxophone, in bands from small combos to big bands. He enjoys modern jazz/bebop in the styles of Dexter Gordon, Coleman Hawkins, and bands such as Basie and Ellington.

    Jes encourages music of eras past and present with the objective that live performance continues so that skills of legendary musicians can be appreciated and passed on to future generations.

  • Steven Martin


    Steve Martin lives in the Perth Hills area and has played with a diverse range of bands which have included the WA Arts Orchestra, JT and the Jazzmen, and various Perth jazz groups including Harbourside Drive and Jazzcats. He currently plays with the South Perth Lions Big Band and the Helena River Jazz Band alongside his trombone duties with the Hills Big Band.

  • Karina Lamont


    Karina first picked up a trumpet in high school, and over the years has played with the Western Australian Youth Concert Band, WA Youth Jazz Orchestra, Hills Concert Band and now Hills Big Band. Karina has the honour of playing the Last Post for Anzac Services across Perth including Kalamunda, Mundaring, Fremantle, and for the Rats of Tobruk. As a founding member of the Hills Big Band, Karina is keen to keep learning jazz styles from all the 'jazzo's' in the Band, and is still thoroughly enjoying playing with a great bunch of musicians.

    In her private life, Karina is a Veterinary Nurse Manager in three separate vet clinics across Perth, and along with her menagerie of pets she is kept very busy.

  • Jonathan Cumblidge


    Jonathan (Jonno) Cumblidge started on trombone at aged 12 but always listened to jazz & other music with a bass/groove leaning. At University he annoyed his friends playing bass-lines left-handed on right-handed guitars. At age 26 he bought a lefty Fender P, and played for 4 years in Blues/Rock bands around London, UK. Jonno first joined the Hills Big Band on trombone in 2007 for 6 months. He then learnt to read charts for Bass in 2010 and returned to the band on bass in 2011. Outside the Hills Big Band Jonno plays bass in two other bands, one Groove/Funk and the other Blues/Rock."

  • Klaus Backheuer


    Klaus is an experienced electric and double bass player. He has over 6 years of experience in the local Perth music scene. He is a manager and bass player of a guitar jazz band, the "Overflow Trio", and active member of the Hills Big Band, as well as their treasurer.

    Klaus has been involved in the German music industry for more than 30 years. He has played various styles of music from blues, rock, pop, funk, as well as jazz and world music. He is well experienced in live performances and recording music. His last band before migrating to Australia, a piano trio called ‘Raduga’ (Russian for ‘rainbow’), offered him the opportunity to play together with some extremely talented Russian musicians in Germany and during band tours to north-western Russia.

  • Steve Jew


    Steve started out as Tuba player at school but worked his way through euphonium and trombone to wind up on trumpet. A sort of musical weight loss.

    Basically a music fan who plays a bit. A fan of most styles of music. Nothing is off limits, even the Dixie Chicks.

  • Callan Mawhirt


  • Nicholoas Trease


  • Cathy Mueller


    Cathy is a versatile and vibrant singer who performs in various jazz ensembles and Big Bands including South Perth Lions Big Band.

    She also makes up half of the vintage duo, "7th Heaven" who have been receiving race reviews around Perth venues.

    She has played top jazz venues including Ellington and Jazz Fremantle.

    Cathy brings her own style ranging from "Ella" to sultry blues.

    Cathy's bubbly personality adds warmth and professionalism to HBB and complements the huge sound of HBB.

    She sings from the heart and loves to entertain crowds.

  • John Perry

    Band President / Piano / Jester

    John Perry has been in bands since the age of 14 and is well known as a double bass player/singer on the Perth jazz scene and for management/bass with The Mucky Duck Bush Band. He lives in the hills and has played from the Edinburgh Festival to Enneaba. These days he has his own jazz duo and is the piano player/band/sound mixer and manager with the Hills Big Band. John also recently took over the role as president, expecting all to now bow before him! JP adds piano and a laugh to the band.
  • Peter Tate

    Tenor Saxophone

    Given an alto for his fiftieth birthday, Peter was determined to realise his boyhood dream to play jazz saxophone, knowing he would have to do the hard yards; find a teacher, practise, and persevere with a great deal of determination.  He now plays not only the alto sax but also the tenor sax, his preferred instrument.

    A Foundation and Life Member of the Perth Hills Jazz Orchestra, now performing as Hills Big Band, Peter is a very committed member of the band.  Pete has been president for several years but is now enjoying life as a muso having earned a break from admin duties.

  • Stu Campbell

    Tenor Saxophone

    Stuart was a classically trained piano and clarinet player as a youngster

    representing school and show bands in England. 

    Made the jump to Saxophone after listening to all the solos played in 

    every soul, blues and rock and roll song of any note. 

    Despite his Dads love of Jazz Stu never appreciated the finer points until

    given the chance to play with the Hills Big Band. Big convert now.

  • Bob Emery

    Vice President/ Guitar

    Bob has played many styles including folk/caberet/rock in bands since he was 16, including Fiddlers Green and Mucky Duck Bush Band.

    He loves the Jazz genre and the comeraderie of the group.

  • Steven Smith


    Steven Smith was the manager of Theo's Music and has been playing Trombone for many years.

    Steve has played with many bands, including the Hills Symphony Orchestra and the Fremantle Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Claremont Concert Band and other groups as required. He was the inaugural President of The Hills Big Band (PHiJO) and held that position on the committee for five years. 

  • Tom Salleo

    Musical Director

    Hills Big Band Biography – Tom Salleo


    From childhood, Tom was surrounded by a variety of music influences, including the melodious piano tinklings of his family members. Soon Tom’s own melodies echoed through the house as he began his musical journey on piano at 6 years old, then trombone at 8. Throughout school Tom studied both classical and jazz idioms, excelled in music examinations and performed at many festivals. At 14, he successfully auditioned on trombone for the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra and here spent 8 years dedicated to the craft of big band styles and honing his jazz improvisation. After graduating from high school, Tom furthered his studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where he is currently completing his Bachelor of Music Honours. His studies have enabled him to attend international music programs in the United States and Japan, where he has learned from and performed with some of the greatest figures in Jazz today.

    Here in Perth, Tom performs with many local bands including Perth Cabaret Collective, Rubaclava Orchestra, and The Midnight Rollers. In addition, Tom is the pianist and Assistant Musical Director of Swingshift Big Band. With many years of teaching experience Tom also guides the trombone students at Carey Baptist College and Aquinas College, among other schools. In December 2020 Tom joined Hills Big Band as Musical Director. In this role he aims to reinvigorate the timeless jazz masterpieces such as those of Ellington, Basie, Nestico, and Holman, while also exploring the exciting avenues of contemporary big band music.