“The best jazz swing big band in Perth”
“You guys hit it out of the park last night”


...And now,

[drum roll please]

Ladies and Gentleman,

enjoy all forty-five seconds of this special preview,

as the Hills Big Band features in this very short video.

Feel like watching a bit more, for a bit longer?

Here's a video recorded at the Subiaco Arts Centre in August 2016 with the

compliments of Spirit Events and Entertainment.  (Video is 3 minutes 15 seconds)

Or try this video (3 minutes 20 seconds)

Here are links to some older videos on YouTube, recorded in the dim distant past...for historical purposes only!

Note that repertoire and band line-up have changed since these recordings were made, as you would expect

in a band that has been going for more than a decade.

23 November 2014, at Jazz Fremantle, "Over The Rainbow" 4 mins 00 sec

5 May 2012, at Midland Town Hall with the Hills Symphony Orchestra, "Theme from The Pink Panther" 3 min 07 sec

2011, (when the band was called Perth Hills Jazz Orchestra), at Midland Junction Arts Centre, "Birdland" excerpt

2011 again, same concert at Midland Junction Arts Centre, "Birdland" 4 mins 23 sec

2011, at Midland Junction Arts Centre, "My Way" 4 mins 42 sec