“The best jazz swing big band in Perth”
“You guys hit it out of the park last night”

York Palace of the Stars


The Hills Big Band ventured into the wheat belt to play the ‘Palace of the Stars’ at the York Town Hall, a cavernous building with a very large stage and a sound to match. Our second gig for 2018, it posed some logistic problems with the set running from 10 till past 11pm. Some band members made the decision to stop over at the local hostelries. One member who won’t be named but plays an alto sax decided to camp out down by the riverside, is that true Stu?

The band kicked off the set with ‘Paper Moon’ with Cathy Mueller on vocals. With Maestro Kieran Hurley injecting his tongue in cheek Segways (what, no more Donald Fagen pirate stories) we moved into five more female vocal numbers ‘Makin Whoopee’, ‘Fever’, ‘Orange Coloured Sky’ and the old favourite ‘Over the Rainbow’.

Great renditions Cathy.

After a short breather Kieran introduced our new young male Vocalist Nick Trease. Nick gave us two Michael Buble numbers ‘Moondance’ and Feeling Good, two numbers by the chairman ‘Come fly with Me’ and  ‘Night and Day’ and finished his set with Dean Martin’s ‘Aint that a kick in the Head’.

The Band rounded out the night with two instrumentals. The first ‘Jump Jive and Wail’ (a Brian Setzer number) was the perfect vehicle for Kieran to start a dance competition. Pitting first the brave ladies and then gentlemen of York against each other to see what they could do. No doubt helped by some dutch courage (not the band that is). The finish to the competition was the best lady and the best gentleman dancing together.

The final number for the evening was “Mambo No5’ an old Latin number from the 1950’s. By this stage the whole audience was up for it and out on the dance floor.

Encore Encore shouted the audience. What shall we give them cried Kieran? In the absence of any better suggestions the band reprised Mambo No5 with an even faster louder version.

Both the audience and band found the performance exceedingly entertaining with a comic curtain closing scene to finish.