“The best jazz swing big band in Perth”
“You guys hit it out of the park last night”


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  • Jazzing in Fremantle

    The Hills Big Band played on Sunday evening, 23 November 2014, at the Jazz Fremantle headquarters (64 High Street) to an enthusiastic audience. 

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  • success at the Darlington Arts Festival

    sorry! no pic

    The 51st Darlington Arts Festival was a great success. 

    The whole oval was a mass of marquees, displays and entertainment with people milling around enjoying the cool spring weather.

    The Hills Big Band played on the Main Stage on Sunday 2 November, to an enthusiastic audience. 

    The set included jazz favourites such as "Tuxedo Junction" and "Night and Day".

    Much to the band's relief, there was no interruption from rain, windstorm or flies.


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